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Together with our team of experienced professionals, we provide tailor made export and import intelligence in order for you to take calculated actions and receive new clients. Our core competencies include providing efficient and sensitive content enabling companies entering new markets and reaching to new clients.

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Target Potential Clients

Finding the right customers for your business is a challenge. We can ease the way for you to target potential clients and make sure that you reach out to the right people. Our services will lead you to find the biggest players in your field, as well as precisely target those that fit your customer profile. 


For different segments of customers, we analyze and strategize specific data and filter and interpret those in order for you to benefit at your full potential. With our services, you will never miss out on a potential opportunity to reach your target customer.

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Target Markets

Determining target markets is an essential part of any successful business. A target market is a specific group of customers you have identified as sharing similar characteristics so that you can tailor your product and marketing efforts to meet their needs more effectively. Finding the right target market for your product can help you maximize your returns.


We provide you focused intelligence on finding the right countries you aim for, such as measuring the target market volume, identifying the players in the sector, recognizing trends and establishing a growth rate for your products. With all of these factors, we also support you in selecting which products will be most successful in certain markets so that you can reach their long-term goals.

Target Competitors

Knowing and understanding your competitors are critical for your business. We find and analyze your existing competitors, potential competitors, the product details and the clients of your competitors. By keeping a track of what your competition is doing, you can make better decisions and gain advantage over your rivals in the market.


With more effective strategies, you can identify new opportunities for growth and offerings as well as you can stay ahead of the game by creating features or services that will attract more customers.

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Target Pricing

Finding and examining price intelligence and price trends, allow you to determine your company’s pricing strategy more accurately. Knowing your competitors' price levels, lets you make better offers. You can even find out about your competitors’ profit levels regarding the products you know.


Target pricing provided by our insights can help you improve your company’s profitability by reducing costs and increasing sales. With our target pricing analysis and optimization, you can ensure that your prices remain competitive, fair and reasonable, leading you to reach out to more customers.

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Trade Intelligence

Providing strategic and specific trade intelligence to your needs and vision, we provide the know-how that will improve your export and import activities. Our expert guidance enables faster and smarter decisions and stronger performance on a company’s critical priority; sustainable profit.


We deliver actionable and objective intelligence to export managers or company owners, reaching precise results.  Like a compass or an orchestrator, we use our special expertise while handling the challenges of handling data and creating excellence.

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